Website Links

ABA Children's Website:  Free Educational Website developed
to help teach toddlers and children with autism to use the computer and to help reinforce basic
skills learned in an ABA program. It has games and activities to help teach the use of the mouse
as well as matching, receptive labeling and counting activities.  The site is always free with no registration involved. The site is still in development.

ADHD:  Expert Dr Russell Barkley has a website
packed with useful information and links.

Attorney for Special Education:  Allison B. Vrolijk, Esq. Located in Roswell, GA

Behavior Interventions and Support:  PBIS offers lots of information
including useful downloads to assist with determining function of behavior and implementing
positive behavior interventions

The CEC is a professional organization dedicated to improving educational outcomes for
individuals with exceptionalities, students with disabilities and /or the gifted.

Discipline Help:  Tips for handling problem behaviors at school
and at home

Epilepsy in School and Child Care: An Advocates’ Manual:
a free pdf download that is not limited to just children with epilepsy. It provides excellent
information about how to actively advocate to secure the rights of all children with disabilities.

This is a FREE list serve you can sign up to be a part of through an application process which
ensures the free exchange of ideas among parents and professionals not associated with the
school system.

Georgia Accommodations Manual:  The manual from the State Department of Education (dated August 2008).  Gives details on accommodations that can be used in the classroom and for testing.  Conditional accommodations
 will make testing non-standard.

Intervention Central:   Offers free tools and resources to
help school staff and parents to promote positive classroom behaviors and foster effective
learning for all children and youth. The site was created by Jim Wright, a school psychologist
and school administrator from Central New York.   Visit to check out newly posted academic
and behavioral intervention strategies, download publications on effective teaching practices,
and use tools that streamline classroom assessment and intervention.

Learning Disability Resources:   Links regarding children with
learning disabilities.

Learning Disability Parent Guide:   Download IDEA Parent Guide from the National Center for Learning Disabilities – A comprehensive guide to your rights and responsibilities under the Individuals
With Disabilities Education Act (2004).

Parent to Parent of Georgia:  Parent to Parent provides support and information to parents of
children with disabilities. Parent to Parent of Georgia is the PTI (Parent Training and
Information Center) for Georgia. They offer telephone assistance and support and in some cases
may be able to provide more personal assistance. Additionally, they can provide you with names
 of advocates and attorneys in area.  One of the most meaningful sources of support are other
 parents who have experienced parenting a child with a disability.

Raising Small Souls Video:  An amazing video about 5 minutes long.  It is very
cleverly made and addresses the different ways that kids learn in a very unique and touching

Reading for Toddlers:  FREE Stories- Maggie Tales
are digital stories for kids, appropriate for age 2 and up. Maggie Tales are different from an
eBook, a cartoon or an audiobook. Developed and produced by early-reading specialists, Maggie
 Tales takes existing children’s picture books and then adds professional voice narration, original
music, page-turn tones and page-turn animations. They can stream directly to your computer or
iPhone or be downloaded to multimedia devices and taken just about anywhere. and unlike many passive pastimes, Maggie Tales offers kids a positive learning and personal Storytime experience!

Reading Programs:   The Florida Center for
Reading Research  reviewed and issued reports on many of the reading programs used by
schools.  The reports are intended to be a source of information about programs that will help in
 the choice of materials that can be used by skilled teachers to provide effective instruction. In
addition to describing programs and their use, these reports provide information on the extent to
which their content, organization, and instructional strategies are consistent with scientifically
based research in reading. There are five essential components of reading instruction: phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension.

Reading For PreSchool and Early Elementary:   Great site filled with
many activities children can do on their own.  This site is used in many classrooms across

Safety Without Suspensions: Great article on using school wide positive behavior supports

School Psych Online: Great site full of links regarding special education law, disabilities, assessment, etc.

Spelling:   Spelling City offers you a FREE way to set up your
child's spelling list and give activities for practice.

Teacher Certification:  Use this lonk to look up the certification held by your child's teacher

A short video prepared by a Georgia mother and her son to introduce the child to the IEP team.
She wanted to show him in a positive light and give the IEP team a face to put with his name
and diagnosis. It was prepared using pictures with text overlays giving information about him.

Video:   I'm Tyler is an incredible video done by a young man who
clearly demonstrates the power of realizing that what a child CAN do is so much more
important than what he can't.

Visual Spatial Learners:   A website with resources to assist with
children who are visual spatial learners ... can also give ideas for children who have deficits in this area

Worksheets to Assist Parents:   EdHelper is an easy to use website that
allows parent to print-out worksheets for specific skills child is working on. There are so many materials available. It is only $19.99 a year for a subscription ... much cheaper than buying all
the workbooks at various stores.

Wrightslaw:   The #1 website for learning more about educational
law and advocating for your child.  Be sure to sign up for the free newsletter and consider
ordering From Emotions to Advocacy, it is a valuable book for any parent raising a child with
special needs.

Wrightslaw Yellow Pages:    Find specialists to work with
your child.